Tips for Packing and Moving using Moveable Containers Brought by

Moving into a new home is overwhelming and exciting. There is a new place to live in and a new environment to see. However, moving out of an old house takes a lot of time and effort. Loading bags and luggage is really stressful. Transporting home furniture from the old house to the new one can take a lot of days. Moreover, many people are already worried when thinking about packing and moving, especially if they have a lot of things at home.

However, we from, have the solution to an average American family’s needs when it comes to moving. With the help of our moveable containers, the process of moving will become much, much easier and less stressful. Our moveable containers, also known as portable storage containers or shipping containers, are easy and convenient to use and reuse, and budget-friendly to rent or purchase.

In this article, we from will provide several tips in moving using our moveable containers.

moveable-containerThe first thing to consider before packing up is the available resources. It is important to have tools such as loading straps, furniture pads, bubble wrap, stretch wrap, packaging tape and boxes. The straps will help heavy furniture to stay in place and stay safe inside the container during the transit.

Furthermore, hiring professionals to load and unload furniture into and from the moveable containers is a bit expensive. If the family’s budget is limited, they themselves can do the work or hire amateur movers such as local high school students or some friends to save up more money. This does not only cut off the expenses, but it also gives more bonding time to the family members. However, it is important that everybody who will participate is prepared both physically and mentally.

Additionally, after deciding the people who will help in the loading of home furnishings, it is now important to choose the perfect moveable container. We from have the standard sizes of 20 and 40 feet, and high-cube sizes of 40 and 45 feet. Moveable containers are really flexible, so the family can choose the size of container that they need without compromising the budget. Additionally, these are cheaper in comparison to rental trucks or personal vehicles. You can also place them in the home backyard for days, so the move is not time-constrained.

After obtaining the pertinent materials and tools and choosing the perfect size of a moveable container, the family can start packing their things. It is recommended that home furnishings will be wrapped using the stretch wrap to protect them from dirt and damage. Furthermore, the furniture and paper pads prevent items from scratching other things. For an additional protection, place a furniture on top of a furniture when it will be loaded into the moveable container. is designed particularly to achieve space and give maximum storage space.

Moveable containers can be put on ground level, so there will be no need for ramps, unlike in rental trucks. Furthermore, it will be easier to load bulky and heavy furniture with just two to three members of the family. As a tip, it is advisable that heavy boxes and house furnishings will be loaded on a trolley with wheels so they can be easily transported from the house into the moveable container.

When loading the home furnishings, the heavy and bulky ones such as refrigerators, washing machines, sofa sets, and couches should be the first to be loaded. It can reduce the risks of bulky items sliding around the container while adding stability and increasing efficiency. The same goes with heavy boxes. You can place bags and boxes that are light in weight on top of the bigger boxes. This method optimizes the space inside the container. It is also advisable to squeeze the boxes tightly to lessen the chances of boxes falling apart when the truck moves the container to the new home.

It is also advised to distribute the weight of boxes and furniture evenly. For example, if you plan to place the washing machine on the right side, then consider placing a couch or refrigerator on the opposite side. This method balances out the weight, thereby stabilizing things inside the container.

Being able to practice and master packing techniques will definitely help a family enjoy a smoother moving process. Moreover, these can help the items stay in their shape and exact condition similar to the day they were initially packed. With the use of right packing materials, any family can afford the time and effort to pack their own things and save cash.

We from can provide high quality services for an affordable price. We offer unlimited possibilities when it comes to helping the average American family move into a new home. Furthermore, with our durable and trusted moveable containers, moving will never be as difficult as it was before. Visit our website for more details. is designed particularly to achieve space and give maximum storage space.

Post-Assembly: PCB Design Issues

After learning about every single tool, material and skill required in PCB assembly, as well as all of the different steps involved in the process, the next – and last – thing to understand is the possibility of post-assembly design issues.

Pad Size

The pad is the point of connection where components join the board’s conductor. For through-hole boards, the pad is either a rectangular or a circular space, and the end of a track that has a plated-through mounting hole for components at its center. Solder is placed to secure the component and finalize the connection. The mounting pin’s diameter determines the diameter of the hole, while the copper’s adhesion to the laminate determines the pad’s size.


For surface mount boards, the size of the pad is a compromise between the used area, the strength of the solder joint, and the accuracy of placement. If undersized, there will be a reduction in the joint strength. If oversized, however, no improvement in strength will be observed.

Similarly, the via is used to provide connections in between layers. The size of the via relies on the patterning and drilling techniques, and it is often smaller than “through” holes.


There are test coupons that are built into the design of the board itself. These are made with any spare material found outside the circuit area, allowing for a demonstration that every process has been finalized with proper alignment, as well as a testing of the mechanical and electrical characteristics of the standard pattern. Finally, these allow verification of the PCB assembly’s integrity – specifically for plated through-hole designs.

The appropriateness of the interconnection pattern is assessed using a “bare board” test. This employs a partial analysis to confirm the tracks found on every outer surface without having to check on the through-board connections or inner layers. However, for PCBs with multiple vias, it is recommended to perform a comprehensive test to exercise the complete structure of the PCB, mostly because of the high penalty cost that comes with a faulty PCB assembly. A lot of PCBs are also tested electrically by suppliers for any shorts or opens, often against the design data of the user.


PCBs are packaged to be protected against moisture and other forms of ionic contaminants.

• The quality of the solder deteriorates when there is moisture present, or when copper surfaces get in contact with materials of high ionic content.

• Prolonged storage time can lead to the absorption of moisture by the PCBs. This can outgas during soldering processes, resulting to delamination and blow holes.

Note that FR-4 boards with multiple layers can be in stock for a maximum of six months, but only if in their original packaging. Any “exotic” material has to be thoroughly dried and sealed in metalized bags that have silica gel. This is a vital step for PCBs made of cyanate ester or have aramid reinforcements, particularly those that contain large and unbroken copper areas.

Since all PCBs are made using CAD, despite the modifications made on the details or layout of the board, it is important to always meet the standard requirements of the PCB production process. In higher frequencies of production where the PCB is merely a component, design verification and simulation can be tried without having to actually “cut metal” – however, programs that allow such practices are still in the early stages of development.

During the process of reflow, the entire PCB assembly should be evaluated, particularly on how to support the boards throughout the process to prevent warping, among other possible issues. With all things said, testing and constant retesting is very essential in PCB assembly – from the very first stages and all throughout the process.

Content Creation Practices you Should Start Doing Now to Reinforce your Internet Marketing Efforts

Content marketing, one of the most popular means businesses use to establish and boost visibility online, currently goes through content shock. It seems that as years go by, the web gets filled with more generic and low value content. This makes it hard for web users and customers to sift through the contents and find the information they need. In that lies the problem.

True, the volume of content found on the web today is one of its strengths. However, behind this strength is also a weakness you would want to turn into something beneficial for your internet marketing effort’s benefit. The question is how. How can you take advantage of content marketing without contributing to the growing effect of content shock?

Be a Smart Marketer

You can do that by giving readers what they need, the information that applies to them and their specific situation. The content you create may not go viral, but you can provide your audience with something that can help them and let you connect with them in a deeper way. That’s how you should create your content, which the following tips can help you realize.

Create Content that Achieves Two Things

Content marketingThe main reason why content shock occurs on the web now is there is a huge volume of similar information that users have to deal with again and again. Although the web is flowing with lots of information, not all of them are high quality. At this point, if you want to make yourself different from the rest, avoid just creating content to post on the web. Create useful and relevant content that achieves the objectives of your company and caters to your audience’s needs while ensuring its quality.

Know and Understand your Audience

Customer engagement comes when you succeed in giving them fun, entertaining yet informative content. You can only accomplish this if you know who you are targeting and understand them. It takes a lot of work to get that end result, but with regular target evaluation and by determining the types of content they look for and distributing them through the right channels, you can provide your audience with the exact information they need, which encourages long-term engagement.

On Creating Content

A high volume of similar content now occupies the web because of the duplication practice that many marketers, bloggers and writers applied over the years. Avoid doing the same practice because it won’t do any good to your internet marketing efforts. Instead, look for ways you can create content without duplicating others’ work, like the ones listed below:

•It’s fine to refer to other’s work as part of your research efforts, but it is not fine to reproduce them entirely. You can reproduce, but only a portion of the article or headline, which is useful for the content that you have in mind.

•Don’t settle with just one source or even use everything in one article. Find lots of sources you think can help with your article then use those portions that are relevant to your topic and target audience.

•Of course, don’t forget to link to your original source when needed. It may affect the number of traffic drawn to your site for a short while, but it helps establish credibility.

Don’t Choose Optimized Over Quality Content. Apply Both.

Nowadays, creating optimized content is no longer enough. If you want your articles to get high rankings on search engines, you need to apply good SEO practices and create quality content. It won’t help your internet efforts if you’ll only focus on one. You need to apply both to create content that is not only favored by Google and other search engines, but your audience will also find readable and useful.

8 Items you can Produce Using Old Badge Lanyards

Old badge lanyardsIf you have a lot of old neck ropes at home, it will be great if you will not be throwing them away. The good thing about having many neck cords is that, you can use them to create new things. To help you make your old badge lanyards useful again, below is a guide that features eight items that you can produce using them.

1. Refrigerator magnet

Believe it or not, the badges attached on neck ropes can be utilized to make fridge magnets. To make one successfully, just simply remove the cord and its attachments. Get the button and attach a double-sided tape on its back. You can also use a magnet if you have one at home. Just make sure you remove the belt clip first if your neck rope has one. It will be nice if you will use the badges with cool logos or designs.

2. Bag accessory

If you have thin neck ropes at home, you can also use them to make bag accessories. A bag accessory made of an old cord will be a great and inexpensive alternative to key chains and designer bag scarfs. Creating this particular accessory is easy. All you have to do is cut a cord, take off the attachments and tie it on your bag’s handle. If you own two or more thin cords, you can also braid them to form a colorful bag accessory. You can also use the metal attachments such as the hooks for homemade bag charms.

3. Ring

Fashionable rings can also be produced with the help of old badge lanyards. To make rings, you would need plain rings and glue gun. You also need to remove the buttons attached on your neck ropes. After removing them, you can start sticking them on the plain rings using a glue gun. After that, you can either wear or sell them to your friends.

4. Umbrella hand strap

The good thing about neck ropes is that they can also be utilized to make hand straps for typical umbrellas that does not have any straps. Making umbrella hand straps is not that difficult. If you have a thin neck cord, then just simply cut it first before tying it on the handle of your umbrella. After placing the cord, you can start using your umbrella again.

5. Pendant

You can also produce pendants using badge lanyards. Just simply insert the chain on your badge’s belt clip and you are done. If the button does not have a belt clip, you can also use super glue to keep the pendant secured.

6. Clothesline

If you have a lot of old neck cords at home, you can use a sewing machine to connect them together to make a clothesline. Neck cords, especially the thicker ones, are actually durable. They can handle the weight of your clothes and even your towels.

7. Earphone cord wrap

You can actually use badge lanyards to produce homemade earphone cord wraps. If the badges have built-in belt clips, you can insert and wrap the earphone cords around the clips. No need for you to purchase cord wraps in online stores.

8. Notebook ornament

A journal or notebook ornament can also be created with the help of old neck cords. You can use one to produce a notebook lock. Just simply create holes on the front and back cover of your notebook then insert the cord. After inserting the cord, you can start forming a knot to secure the notebook. You can also stick cords on the notebook to create a cover made from old neck ropes. No need for you to buy any colored or scrapbooking paper to cover your plain-looking notebook.

Passion and Practicality In One!

Stress can come in many forms, it can be from work or from school or from the family and stress as has been known is unhealthy. This is why there is a need to relieve it. Ne good way doing so is by having a hobby, but sad to say, not everyone has something that they can do whenever they feel drained. Studies show hat people will become completely happy only if they have these hobbies in their lives and these past times may vary from one person to another.

If you are one of these people, then change your lifestyle now and inject some game into your system. Start playing golf! Do not be misled, golf is an expensive game and it is associated with luxury, the equipment cost a lot. Many people are not interested with this game because of the money involve in it, but that is not the case at all times. There are ways that you can enjoy this game without having to spend so much money on the equipments that you are to use. You can to retail bargain stores, you can borrow from a friend, you can entertain some means to support your budding love of golf or you can get yourself cheap golf clubs that are available when you only look closely.

Buy it Less

cheap golf clubsYou might think that buying cheap golf clubs would mean buying the less standardized clubs, this is not true and has no bearing. One of the cheap golf clubs that are available in the market are the second hand ones. With the advancement of technology, companies are revising their golf clubs every year and buyers, even if they still have the golf clubs from the last year, would want to upgrade and are selling their clubs to others. This occurrence makes the second hand golf club still new. This is why new players tend to buy second hand than the new ones from trusted people and shops. Titleist is one of the brand or model that is trusted among golf players, so if you want to play golf and save at the same time, you can simply do what professionals and avid players do. Get yourself second hand cheap golf clubs.

Advantages of Used Golf Clubs

It is indeed practical to buy second hand clubs, but there are more reasons why it is best to purchase cheap golf clubs than practicality. The first reason is that the clubs that have been used are inspected carefully. Golf is an expensive sport so it is unlikely that the equipments used are just disregarded by the owners. Also, if you go to thrift shops, they have professionals who check the conditions of the club before they purchase and then sell it to people. Any problems that will be found in the clubs will be returned to their owners.

Old Are Much Like The New

The technology used in the new clubs and that of their predecessors is very similar. Sometimes, they only change the appearance of the clubs without changing anything else. But despite the minor change, their prices are very far alike. If you really want a new golf club, be sure that it is a good one so that you will not have to buy another one for the next year to come or you can look for the cheap golf clubs, even if they maybe second hand as long as they work perfectly for you. They may not be new but they come in a much lower price and they work just as good. This is passion and practicality in one indeed. has evolved into one of the cheap golf clubs fairway woods in the world.We have golf club you might need, from golf drivers to golf putters at discount prices.

Customizing The Coins

Have you ever seen custom coins that are nicely crafted you wish you could have one of them. You don’t have to be a member of an elite organization to get one. You don’t even have to be super rich to own one. You will never have to die in envy again because nowadays anybody can have coins customized according to personal needs. Modern technology has paved the way for people to advance to process of minting coins. It is now easier to mint coins that you can call your own. You can have coins with your own personal design that reflects your own personality.

custom coinsThere are many companies willing to render their services to mint your custom coins. However, it would be best if you could do a little research to compare their services so you could get the best value for your money. Besides, it would also be a great experience if your chosen company can provide you with the best services and the two of you can forge a lasting business relationship. Look for a company that could help you with the concept of the design. It should be able to offer you wide array of material options and it should be fast in delivery.

In designing the coin that you want to be customized, you have to consider first its intended purpose. Be very clear if it is going to be for personal use or if it is going to be given to others. For personal use, it would be easier to design the coin because you would only consider your personal taste. For other uses especially if it is going to given to others, you will have to consider the different personalities of the people who will receive it. You have to come up with a design that will suit the discriminating tastes of the recipients. You would want them to put more value to the coin and truly keep it with all their hearts.

Based on the purpose of the coin, you have to choose the best shape and size for it. Traditionally, the shapes of the custom coins are round or circular in shape. Yet through the years, the shapes of the coins have become more versatile. There are new shapes like square, rectangle, oval, polygons and a lot more. There are even shapes that are irregular and intricate. The possibilities are endless.

Then, you will also have to decide what material should be used. You have to consider the price and the look of the finished coin. Does the price match your expected price point? Will the material give justice to the value that the coin aims to convey? There are many metals available to suit your needs. You can choose the traditional gold and silver. You can also choose to have a different look by choosing copper, brass or bronze. Or you can opt to do a combination of the metals for a more stylish and dramatic effect. You can even choose the finishing look. You can choose between polished and antiqued or glossy and matte.

In addition, you also have to decide if you want to add extra finishing touches to it. Decide also if you want it to be customized further on how it is going to be packaged. Do you want it to be packed in a simple manner? Will you go an extra mile and package it with a holder or a display box? Whatever is the manner of packing, you have to make sure that the custom coins will be protected until it gets to your hands.

Why Real Estate Is the Biggest and Smartest Investment

There are many types of investment that one can spend money on nowadays. When searching for an asset to invest on, consider getting a real estate property. Do not be scared to include this property in the investment portfolio.

After all, many benefits can be enjoyed by investing in real estate.

One of the benefits that investors can enjoy in having real estate is the positive cash flow. Income producing investments like real estate properties have leases as their biggest benefit. The lease generally secures the asset. As tenants come to rent the property, income will be generated. Real estate properties offer a regular income stream that’s significantly higher than typical stock dividend yields.

It is possible to place debt on the real estate properties. This means that the real estate property is an asset that can be used as collateral. By using the current real estate property as leverage for debts, the investor has the opportunity to multiply asset value by buying additional real estate properties. The additional properties can be used as collateral again as you purchase additional assets.

When using the asset as leverage for low-cost debts, multiplying cash flow should be possible to. An investor can place positive leverage on assets. This can then allow for an effective increase in positive cash flow via operations. Investors can borrow money at a cost lower than what the property pays out, ensuring that debt can be settled while still earning income.

real estateThe real estate property is an investor’s security against inflation. Inflation is generally a phenomenon where prices increase while the purchasing power of money decreases. Unlike other assets, real estate properties do not depreciate over time. If inflation occurs, the price of the real estate property will also rise. Investors are protected against inflation then.

With the real estate property, the investors can capitalize on physical assets. Remember that income producing real estate properties are one of the investment classes with meaningful value. The land, the structure, and even the income produced out of the real estate property have their own value. There is no red or green days with real estate investment.

Tax benefits can be maximized. In accordance to the US Tax Code, real estate investors can benefit a lot from unlimited mortgage interest deduction to depreciation acceleration. It would help investors a lot if there is a tax advisor they can go to for further explanation on the tax benefits offered by the US Tax Code for the real estate owners.

The asset value appreciates. Again, inflation will increase the prices of things while the purchasing power of money decreases. The real estate investment has a value that does not decrease over time. It appreciates. Real estate properties increase in value as its net operating income improves. The improvement can be spurred on by the increase in the rent together with effective asset management.

The pride that comes with becoming a real estate owner is one thing that cannot be overlooked. Real estate investment gives pride to the investor in a way that no other assets can. The right property located in the right location filled with the right tenants can definitely boost the price of an owner. Not everyone can be a homeowner so owning a real estate property is one thing to take pride in.

These are the important benefits that can be easily pointed out for real estate investment. Of course, there are many other benefits that can be enjoyed with investing in real estate properties. By identifying these benefits, potential investors can easily decide that real estate properties are worth spending money on. Real estate properties are definitely worthy investments to have so be sure to pick a good one.

5 Fool-Proof Ways to Engage the Audience in Your Keynote Presentation

It is easy to lose your audience, but it can also be easy to engage them if you know the tricks. Here are five fool-proof ways to do it.

1. Understand the audience

When a business plans to expand in another place, they try to get to know their prospective market and stakeholders that matter. When an account executive tries to close a deal with a client, he researches on his preferences, disposition and soft spots to get his attention, sympathy and subsequently, approval.

The same is true for a keynote speaker. One has to understand the culture, type of language used and the interests of his audience to ensure that he gets and retains their attention and approval.

Maybe the audience has a specific spot for sentimentality with regard to a specific subject that might work on your favor, like when giving a keynote presentation in a calamity-prone area.

Maybe the community you are speaking with has a level of sensitivity that when touched can infuriate them, like when delivering a speech with a community that experienced great losses in the past.

You have to understand your audience’s soft and sensitive spots, so that you can know what to touch and what to avoid.

2. Encourage a dialogue, not a monologue

You will definitely not be alone in the venue, so make sure that you address your audience by encouraging dialogue and interaction. “What for, they cannot answer back clearly anyway?” you might ask.

It does not matter. For them, a simple nod, quick response or laughter will pass as an interaction because they recognize your desire to include them in your speech.

With a keynote speaker, audience participation does not refer to a healthy repartee. You can simply ask them and prompt them to respond with a yes, no or laughter. Ask them to interrupt you if you think they can offer you an argument that you can use to expound your message. Let them write down notes about some important points for later reference (just not too much; otherwise, you will sound like Oprah Winfrey).

3. Involve them emotionally

Motivational-SpeakerSmile with them, laugh with them. Let them feel happiness, sadness, anger or regret through your anecdotes. Involving them emotionally is the best way to involve them mentally and physically, making your speech more memorable.

Formal studies have proven that emotional connection increases memory and empathy. This is very helpful if your keynote presentation is more about technical matters that not everyone in the audience can relate to.

Nowadays, there are a lot more ways to emotionally involve the audience other than by telling funny or heartwarming stories. Why not find a funny YouTube video and share it with your audience? Afterwards, you can ask for their reaction. Online meme is also a trend in lightening up the mood since they make a point with a touch of humor.

4. Use drama in your voice

Movies have musical score to adjust the mood according to expectation. Unfortunately, as a keynote speaker, you do not have that kind of technical support, so you only have your voice to play with.

Speak softly on non-serious parts of your speech. Shift to a louder, higher tone to emphasize importance. Whisper if you have to elicit emotional response and use the power of silence to create impact. You can be playful with your voice to avoid monotony that breeds boredom and inattentiveness.

Notice how standup comedians change their inflection all the time. They vary their tone, pitch and volume as they deliver the punch line.

5. Meet the audience after your speech

Politicians know this trick very well. They go down the stage to shake hands and meet the audience face to face. This is a great way for them to become memorable. As a keynote speaker, doing this will also shorten the distance between an authority and expert like you, and ordinary audience like them.

Most Lenders Are Willing to Work With a Borrower Rather Than to Proceed With a Foreclosure

Facing a foreclosure lawsuit can be stressful enough, especially if a homeowner has just lost a job or is having financial difficulties with a personal business. If a homeowner is facing a foreclosure lawsuit in Long Island, New York, then the services of a Long Island foreclosure lawyer will be needed who is experienced in real estate and foreclosures. Foreclosure is a long process and acquiring the services of a lawyer who specializes in foreclosures is the best move a homeowner can make.

Foreclosure proceedings usually begin after two or three payments have been missed. A lender will have a grace period for late payments but will add a fee to the missed payments. After the second or third missed payment, the lender will make some phone calls to remind the borrower of his or her obligation and will not accept partial payments to bring the loan current.

ImageIn Long Island, the foreclosure process is through judicial sale where the lender must file a lawsuit against the delinquent mortgagor in a court of law. A homeowner who has been served a court summons regarding foreclosure must not take this lightly but consult a Long Island foreclosure lawyer to explore all available options.

LawIn Long Island, after the summons has been served, the mortgagor will have thirty days to respond to the lawsuit to avoid foreclosure. A Long Island foreclosure lawyer can advise the mortgagor to file for a motion to extend the proceedings or to file a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. A motion to dismiss is feasible if the mortgagor thinks that some improprieties occurred when the mortgage and promissory note were being processed. If the mortgagor wins the case, then the mortgagor can be declared free of the mortgage pending other encumbrances. These encumbrances may be tied to third-party lenders to whom the mortgagor has applied for other loans. If the computed amount of the auction sale is not able to cover the amount loaned, then the third-party lender can apply the loan to the new property owner.

It is advisable that a Long Island foreclosure lawyer be present to oversee these proceedings in case of deficiency judgments. This may happen if the computed sale of the property does not compensate the lender for the amount of the loan and the borrower can be made to compensate the lender for this loss. The entire difference between the two can be required, although the court may require that only the difference between the fair value of the property and the loan amount be paid.

On the other hand, if a motion to dismiss is not granted, then a request to enlarge time can be filed which can be used to study the case further. The most important action a mortgagor can do to avoid foreclosure is to discuss with the lender what other options are available. It is crucial that the lender know that a borrower wants to work with them in finding ways to work out mortgage payments. No one wants the trouble and hassle of a foreclosure and this is where an experienced Long Island foreclosure lawyer can help a beleaguered homeowner.

Lenders will work with a willing mortgagor especially with a competent lawyer by their side to guide them through the legal jargon. Along with the lawyer, lenders will deal with the case on a personal level, and all extenuating circumstances will be taken into account. A loan workout package can be discussed with the borrower’s lawyer containing information, instructions and forms regarding the ability to make payments.

The lawyer can also ask for temporary suspension of payments as forbearance if the borrower agrees to another option to fulfill the loan amount. Reinstatement usually is the option whereby the outstanding amount is paid in one lump sum. This option is the surest way of preventing foreclosure.